A History of Dedicated Service and Excellence

At Northeast Stonewriters we strive for quality and excellence in customer service. We specialize in artisan level stone engraving, which allows us to give the customer the best service in the industry. We can provide this service because we keep our expert team small and local operating out of Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


Ron started Northeast Stonewriters as a quest to conquer his mission to be an Entrepreneur. After spending years as a surveyor after College, he realized that he wanted to pursue something that excited him and allowed him to connect with others and live an active lifestyle.

From there Ron founded Northeast Stonewriters, and business that was centered around providing excellent customer service. Focusing on building a business that puts customers first, Ron has spent 20+ years honing his craft allowing him to provide the highest quality service available.

Ron lives his life guided by “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” focusing on providing the example he wants to see and ensuring the highest quality work is provided to every single customer.

Ron The Gravewriter

What people say?

Our Customers Matter

Most monument companies do not do their cemetery engravings. XYZ monument company will hire someone with little or no experience. Keep in mind, this is why they are called “monument companies”, as most do not engrave stones for their customers. At Northeast Stonewriters we strive to continually put our customers first, and work with you to ensure that you receive the best end product that fits your needs.