Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions we have received from our clients. If you have a question about stone engraving, cleaning or other services please email us.


1. Can stone engraving be done during the winter time?

Absolutely. We have been engraving monuments at cemeteries for over seventeen years, and have never had any problems with the cold. We engrave stones throughout the hottest and coldest months in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. If XYZ Monument company tells you the stone cannot be engraved during winter months, they might not have the expertise needed to complete the work to your satisfaction.

2. Why does XYZ Monument Company take weeks, if not months to complete my cemetery engraving?

Most monument companies do not do their cemetery engravings. XYZ monument company will hire someone with little or no experience. Keep in mind, this is why they are called “monument companies”, as most do not engrave stones for their customers.

3. Why should I be wary of most sub-contractors?

Most sub-contractors do not have the experience necessary to work on your loved one’s memorial. Ask yourself this question. How many people have you known, that have had good luck with sub-contractors? You will not be able to speak directly with the person who will be engraving your stone. Nor will you know who this person is. It could be someone who just took a three day class, and now calls themselves a cemetery engraver. Anyone who tells you your monument cannot be engraved in the winter, probably does not have a sub-contractors with much experience.

At Northeast Stonewriters, you will be able to express your vision to one of our team members, who will personally engrave your monument.

4. Why should you hire Northeast Stonewriters?

Northeast Stonewriters’ strive for quality and efficiency. First of all, we will return all calls within 30 minutes. Next, we will engrave your monument with 48 hours! We do NOT sell monuments. We focus solely on the stone engraving, which allows us to give the customer the best service in the industry. We can provide this expedient service because we keep our expert team small and local. Feel free to call, and experience “same or next day” cemetery engraving services.

5. Do I have to go back to ABC Monument Company where I purchased the stone to have it engraved?

Absolutely not. You are free to use whatever company you choose.

6. Can I have the monument engraved before the day of the funeral?

YES! In this day and age, many people have extended families, and loved one’s come from all over the country to attend funerals. We will engrave the stone on any day of your choosing.

7. Can any font be duplicated on my monument?

We have the newest technology which allows us to match any typeface, which has previously been engraved on the stone. We have many examples on our services page which highlight the typefaces we have matched to many different stones.

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